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How bad does it hurt to get an ear pierced with a 10 gauge needle?


  1. Lava says:

    No more than smaller needles really. For me an 8g hurts as much as an 18g. It’s a sharp hot pinch, that dulls into a warm throb, possibly with tiny sharper tingles of pain for a few minutes. Then just a distant ouch for a day or two. It will be tender for months, but after a few days it usually won’t start throbbing or aching for no reason.

    Eat well, drink lots of water, if you’re a girl go after your period, not just before, and get lots of sleep. Have a snack or juice just before the piercing to keep your blood sugar up. Talk to the piercer to calm yourself, breath deeply, and try to relax your entire body.

  2. Lynsey says:

    I’m guessing it will hurt quite bad .. my dad got pierced with an 8 , and his hurt a lot .

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