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How soon after a tattoo can you shave?


  1. Jacknife Barber says:

    The average is fourteen days. That’s about how long it takes most people to surface heal. It’s also how far apart we schedule sittings on large pieces. It takes four weeks for them to heal deep down.

  2. Claire says:

    I suggest you will do it after the dead skin has completed dropped off and heal which the whole healing process about 1-2weeks

    Good luck when the skin scab and the dead skin start to shrink. You could barely walk!

    I had an angel on my ankle and a full Phoenix from my thigh till just above the angel :)

  3. sand3419 says:

    You do not shave a tattooed area of skin until it is completely and totally healed = one month or more, until it feels (with your eyes closed) like regular skin, and looks like regular skin, and doesn’t hurt to bump it.


  4. LINDSEY S says:

    You can shave around your tattoo, don’t shave over the tattoo yet. Tattoos take about 2-4 weeks to heal, give it at least 3 weeks before you shave over the tattoo.

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