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How long should I wait to change my lip piercing?


  1. ThinkAboutIt says:

    I was able to wing it at the 4 week mark without any issue. If you plan on doing this though, make sure the size is still the same though. If you put in a thinner one you’ll run into issues down the road. Just remember for next time- Have them show you what your buying before you do it- that’ll prevent issues like this

  2. H says:

    It would be safe, but u gotta do it super fast and make sure the new jewelry u put is is really clean to avoid infection. Anything on or in the mouth area heals reallllllllyyy fast.

  3. Heather says:

    I have snake bites, but I did them one at a time, the first time I did, I took the piercing out about 3 or 4 days after it was done and the hole almost closed as soon as it was out. I’d say wait at least 2 weeks, but put the new one in as soon as you take the old one out. And wait until the skin around your lipring is healed to put a hoop in, because it will be really tender and hurt a lot and might even cause it to scar worse when you take it out. Lip rings are bad ass by the way. But be sure to rinse it with salt water everyday, in your mouth and to do the outside, get a Q-tip and run it along the bar beneath the ball. I found out that sea salt works the best. Good luck.

  4. cosmossmile says:

    my piercer told me to wait 3 months to change my jewelry
    i didn’t listen and tried to change it after 2 weeks to a short size bar, it was an awful experience…
    so wait until you think it’s completely heeled!

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