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What is the gauge of a cartilage piercing?


  1. ~*blu*~ says:

    Regular earring stud are eiterh 22G or 20G. Usually depending on the piercer a cartilage piercing can be a 20G-18G or 16G. I would suggest an 18G , an 18G piercing can fit a 20G or 22G earring also.

  2. sweetdudetattoo says:

    i think thats the guage size of a normal stud

  3. Brittany says:

    Standard studs are usually 20g or 18g. 22g is very rare.
    If it was originally pierced with a needle, then the CBR was probably 16g or 14g.

  4. Sairblah says:

    its 14.
    My brother is a tattoo and piercer and I got mine done couple years ago, they pierce prettyy much everything with a 14 sept the nose I’m pretty sure.

  5. ? says:

    I just got my cartilage pierced yesterday and the lady who pierced it told me it was 14.

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