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Is it ok to wear panties to the beach instead of swimsuit bottoms?


  1. Jenny O'brien says:

    it would depend on the fabric and whether or not they get wet. My friend (a guy) forgot his swimsuit so he wore a pair of red nylon panties (from his sister) and they looked fine until they got wet. You could see every hair and shape of his privates. We didn’t mind but he was embarrassed.

  2. Kirsten says:

    People would probably notice, and yes, it would be very awkward.

  3. Jessica V says:

    Don’t take this the wrong way, but you’d just look flat out DUMB ! Of course people would be able to tell. There is an obvious difference.

  4. Ali Umar says:

    Who cares? Wear what you want

  5. Kami says:

    They would probably notice, but I highly doubt any of the guys would complain :P I’d say it’s okay, I mean it’s practically the same thing anyway.

  6. Chrissy says:

    Definitely OK

  7. Lauren Ashlynee says:

    The panties would be a thinner material and more likely to slip and cling but sure if you had boy short panties or even just mesh shorts I think that would be a better alternative

  8. Cat says:

    People might notice and it might be slightly awkward but I guss its ok

  9. Lily Dew says:


  10. ykylm says:

    Oh please whatever you do, do not wear panties instead of swimsuit bottoms!!! What kind of image are you going for??
    A) They aren’t going to stay up if you go in the water, they will get saggy, etc.
    B) Of course it is going to be obvious that you are wearing your underwear

    It would only be okay MAYBE if you had black spandex shorts like what you wear under skirts, dresses, gym shorts. But you can’t just throw on some undies and call it good.

  11. Brian O' conner says:

    honestly coming from a guys point of view it is SEEEXYYYY :D , but if u dont care go ahead and do it ;)

  12. rockyjr5 says:

    Yes it’s okay to wear panties to the beach instead of swimsuit bottoms. Yes people will notice that they’re panties, and someone will say something behind your back, or whisper it to someone else that they know, but so what. If you want to wear your panties to the beach than go for it. Even if you want to wear both your bra and panties to the beach instead of an swimsuit,than that would also be okay to do.

  13. Lotta C says:

    If that’s all you have to wear!

  14. Stacey Green says:

    I suppose it depends on the fabric, style and visibility of the crotch seams.

    But for 98% of panties, it will be very, very obvious and alarming to a number of people you are running around at the beach in your panties.

    Please don’t do it.

    I hope that helps – good luck!

  15. Katie Durbin says:

    Ofcourse it’s fine! My (girl) friends and I rarely ever wear swimsuits because underwear is so much more comfortable and flattering! You may want to double up on the panties though because some pairs can get semi transparent or SUPER form-fittingly clingy, but otherwise you should be perfectly fine wearing panties instead! Hope I helped!

    Best of luck,

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