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What's the difference between 10% developer & 20% when coloring your hair?


  1. Kelsey S says:

    Use 10 dev, because you are not lifting the hair color. 10 just means it’s a gentle developer.

  2. chelseiann says:

    Sally sells developer by Volume, not percent. Percent & Volume measurements are quite different.

    10 Volume (3%) is for deposit only – this is great for going darker

    20 Volume (6%) is great for gray coverage and lightening up to 2 levels

    30 Volume (9%) lightens up to 3 levels

    40 Volume (12%) lightens up to 4 levels

    I recommend that you pick up Clairol Professional Second Nature, as it is specifically formulated to deposit only. It contains no ammonia and is very gentle on your hair. It’s the absolute best color line for going darker or simply toning down your red to a brown. You can mix the S.Nature shade of your choice with 10 volume and process up to 30 minutes at room temp.

    I have red hair & love S.Nature.
    Best of luck.

  3. HOGANGAL says:

    I am a senior cosmetolgy student and in my learning it is said to use 20 volume for the most results achieved with haircolor, this is the standard volume. 10% is used when less lightening is desired to enhance the natural haircolor, 30% is used for addtional lift with perm. haircolor, 40%is used with most high-lift colors to provide maximum lift in a one-step color service this is only to be used if the cuticle of the hair is tight and hard to lift. I recommend using a Redken product

  4. lilhails says:

    id use a 10% or 20% developer if i were you and the first answer is perfect, if your lifting the colur id use a 20% but if not then a 10%

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