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What percentage of people in the United States have natural blonde hair?


  1. sandyblondegirl says:

    I thought I had read where the US ratio of natural blondes was slightly higher, because of the number of people of Northern European descent who immigrated here. Unfortunately I cannot find that statistic this morning.

  2. djtanybee says:

    Well if blonde people really are as daft as everyone thinks, I would say at least 50% of Americans are naturally blonde. If they have different coloured hair, I think that’s called artificial intelligence.

  3. genius says:

    I don’t distrust that, percentage might be just a little higher in the U.S being that the population is primarily white. Sucks for them I guess, but I can’t waste my time feeling sorry for all the unfortunate people in world, otherwise I would have no time for myself.

  4. ♥Little Miss Winter Wonderland♥ says:

    I highly doubt that. More around 20% in the USA. (For the Brit that said blondes are dumb she obviously hasn’t seen this blondes grades. Head of the class and proud of it! She’s obviously jealous.)

  5. Rachel N says:

    I am naturally blonde and same with all my sisters and brothers. I would say abotu 16%

  6. Meg says:

    In America the percent is around 15%.

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