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What is the largest gauge that you can get in a piercing that will still close up?


  1. Rainebeau_Vicki says:

    About a 2 gauge. But then again, you can go to 0 and 00 and it will get to about a 16g.

  2. Justice says:

    Why in the hell would you want to do that? You know what your ears will look like in a few years? Like Dumbo. unless you want to look like Dumbo,…. in that case, rock on.

  3. emmy54 says:

    my best friend got gages, small ones (i don’t remember the size) but when her holes closed up the "flabby" part of her ear was about the size of a nickel.. so no matter what, your ears will be permanently "messed up".. oh then my one friend Marshall got gages then went back to earrings and the hole was so weak that it ripped his ear lobe and now he has a scar up his ear and its deformed. :( i have regular piercings and its just dandy. ha ha

    Good luck!

  4. TRASHCORE says:

    in most cases, 2gauge is the point of no return.
    but you can get them stiched up. but that doesn’t sound much fun….
    hahaha. :)

  5. gdog_b says:

    poo poo

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