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What's the difference between 20, 30, and 40 volume developer?


  1. BrєakEvєn. says:

    10 and 20 are used to deposit colour on the hair for example used with a brown or red dye. 30 and 40 are used for lifting hair colour to a lighter shade.

    I wouldn’t recommend 40, i never go over 30. 40 is very harsh on the hair and can cause a lot of damage. This is because 40vol contains 12% peroxide, while 30vol has only 9% peroxide. Which makes it harsher.

  2. call_me_LaLa says:

    40 is most harsh on the hair…its used more for black hair .

  3. Sara says:

    It means how many shades it can lift, 20 lifts 2 shades, 40 volume is mainly used for going blonde, and 20 and 30 more for darker color dyes.

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