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Whats the average price of a half sleeve tattoo?


  1. somebody says:

    there is no "average price" if you know where you want to go then you should call or email the shop and ask them for pricing details. many factors should be taken into consideration including which artist you want to tattoo you. i’m fairly certain that the miami ink artists are quite overpriced for their talent because they are "famous" but honestly the artists at miami ink are not the end all and be all of tattooing. there are many artists out there that are phenomenally better than those artists. but if you want a tattoo from miami ink just to say you got one there then good luck with that. but if you want a tattoo from a talented local artist i would be glad to help you find one, just email me.
    good luck!

  2. ♥♥AnGiE's MoM says:

    PRICY especially miami ink i say abot at least 200.00 deteiled but im sure itll be more so make sure you have enough

  3. California Kush says:

    Well if your getting it done by them A LOT!! Way more than $200! It depends if they charge by the hour, or size and detail, or all of the above. They definately over price though because of their status!

  4. dyson1983 says:

    A well done, detailed half sleeve usually isnt under $500, depending on where u get it done at. Some places may charge more, but i got a full sleeve for around $1200, so u can get lucky. As far as Miami Ink, i hope u made an appointment some time ago, any place that is in the limelight as much as they are cant afford to do large tattoo’s for walk ins. Just get an appointment, good work is worth the wait.

  5. Butterfly says:

    Half a sleeve would be around 400 dollars..
    Sleeve is around 1000 dollars..
    And if its less than half probably around 300..
    Like a 10 in by 10 in tattoo is around 200 dollars …
    But if the tattoo is VERY detailed then the prices are very high. Average I charge per hour is around 100 dollars per hour. For example, a whole sleeve would probably take around 10 hours, or maybe even more, so that would be 1000 plus the time spent on drawing if its custom work.
    Yours sounds like 500 to me but it all depends on the shop …

    Good luck dude.

  6. truck audio master says:

    It all depends. If you go on a show like Miami Ink then it will cost an arm and a leg. Some artists are cheap, but you gotta be careful, sometimes you get what you pay for. My half sleeve cost me aroun 1300, but then a world renown tat artist did mine. I looked at Miami Ink, the wait is to long for them….and not to step on any toes here, but they are far from good enough to charge what they do. None of them are even listed in the top 100 tat artists.

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