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How do I fix an underwire bra where the wire is poked out?


  1. shesorawinduval says:

    If its new, it shouldn’t even have torn up already. Victoria Secret sells more quality bras and lingerie than some other stores so I’m quite surprised at that. You can sew the end back together like the answerers suggested and also, you need to handwash your bras in cold water and let them air dry by hanging them up somewhere. Tossing them in the dryer will tear them up quicker than they’re supposed to wear out. If it’s only been a few days or a week or two, I’d take the damn thing back to the store if you followed the washing instructions correctly. If you did, that means that bra probably had been on the rack for awhile and the material began to dry rot. That’s what happens sometimes when stores keep merchandise around for too long.

  2. sara b says:

    can u shove it back through and sew up the end? it hurts, dusnt it!?

  3. cabotbeautyqueen says:

    buy a new one!

  4. Grumpy says:

    My wife says: pull the wire back into the material and put a couple stitches in the area the wire came out. Then put a couple stitches very tight around the wire towards the middle of the wire.

    Yours: Grumpy

  5. K B says:

    You can’t you have to buy a new one sorry

  6. jrml says:

    you can take it back.I got a bra there that did the same thing.I took it back and they let me exchange it.When you wash it ,wash it in a garment bag and dont put it in the dryer!

  7. classychris says:

    masking tape

  8. Hassan S says:

    let me check…haha

  9. angelbunny_90 says:

    you could exchange it….or you could poke the wire back in or sew it up,or you could just buy another

  10. Arzuita says:

    You can sew it or Victoria Secret has really good deals now.

  11. curiositycat says:

    Push it back through as far as it will go and sew the end with the hole. If you have a sewing machine, run it back and forth about three times. If you don’t, and you sew it by hand, put stitches both directions, back and forth and up and down, so it can’t work its way out that easily. I hate when that happens.

  12. *hOrHaY* says:

    u dont, get a new bra

  13. Donna DiaWana says:

    Push it back in as best you can and sew it shut.

    If that doesn’t work you’ll have to buy another one.

  14. Onegoddess says:

    Push the wire back in. Use a little bit of a cotton ball to pad it and then sew the hole shut with a good quality thread. When you have tied off the thread put a dab of clear fingernail polish over the knot and a little of the material to keep the knot from coming loose and to strengthen the material so the wire is less likely to poke through again.

    Buying an underwirwe that is too small is the usual cause of this problem. Next time (even if you think you wear a particular size) buy one number size up (same cup size but a 34 instead of a 32 for instance). This cuts down on the stress on the garment and helps slow down wear.

    Also, hand was underwire bras. Most washers are too hard on lingerie and getting caught in other clothes can damage the item. If you must wash it in a washing machine, use a mesh garment bag for it and any other lingerie. This will protect your delecates from getting caught up in other garments or damaged in any other way.

  15. Morgan says:

    I have very large breasts (DDD) and my bra’s are very expensive and I have to replace them about every 3 months because of the wear and tear. So I go through this all the time, well mine poked it little head out into my armpit and I didn’t have money to get another $40 dollar one, so I tried duct tape, it didn’t work, I tried putting cardboard in the duct tape and then putting it on the bra, lasted longer but still poked through, so I used the metal thing on clothes hangers. Like the ones that are for skirts, pull that out and bend it so it’s more of a smaller curve, push the wire down, hot glue that bad boy down and sew the hole of your bra, put that metal piece over it (Or use 3 side by side, the one in the middle will be over the hole so it doesn’t go through the crack of the two) and duct tape the mess out of it. It can also help if you cut a hole on the side that goes in between your breasts and hot glue that down, and sew it up, and also in the middle of the bottom of the cup along the wire itself. This is how I get mine to stay and it lasts a long long time. Just don’t put it in the dryer it, it looses integrity.

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