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What is the purpose of a base coat, two coats of nail polish, and a top coat with nail polish?


  1. VCW says:

    The base coat is to protect the nail against the dye of the nail polish I don’t know if you notice that if you use a red polish without base coat the nail stays reddish after you take the enamel off?… well that’s the purpose of base coat.

    Top coat is necessary because it gives a glossy and shiny finish and also protects against scratches and makes the enamel last longer.

    Two coats make a more even finish and cover specially if you use a very liquid brand. Try it and you will see that with 2 coats the enamel spreads evenly on the nail and you can see the color better.

    Tricks to dry faster I would say the better is oil. You can find it in target or Kmart in the enamel area (is specially for nails). When you finish wait a little and then put a coat of oil it will spread all over including cuticle so don’t worry is just to protect the enamel.. it will go away little by little and completely when you wash your hands. Don’t ask me why it works I just know it does. Also the sell sprays and stuff if the same area specialize for quick dry too but the cheapest is oil.
    Hope I help!

  2. tequiero_xo says:

    The base coat is sticky, so it holds nail polish better than a bare nail. Two coats of polish isn’t necessary, but when the first one starts to wear, you still have another one. The top coat offers a chip-resistant surface to prevent your polish from chipping too soon.

  3. ☮❤:) says:

    A base coat is to protect your nail from being stained by the color.
    Then, you put two coats of nail polish on.
    The top coat is to stop the colors from chipping.

    Theres really no way to make your nails dry faster. Just wait at least an hour without touching anything. Then run them under cold water.

    You could check for something though, at a Sallys or Target or Walmart.

  4. cali girl says:

    The base coat helps the nail polish go on better. It is sort of like a foundation. Applying two coats of nail polish is just to help it stay longer and get it’s full color. When only applying one coat, it sometimes does not go on even and the brush takes away the polish making your regular nail color visibleapplying two coats prevents this. The top coat is to make everything smooth, shiny, and to also help keep the nail polish on. It also helps with chipping and when your nails are constantly under water. There are many fast drying nanail polishesoo. I found a spray, though I forget what it is called, but I am sure you could find it almost anywhere. It is a mist that you spray on your nails once your are completely finished and it helps them dry faster. If you can’t find anything, try a blow dryer on low heat.


    the base coat is so if u r using an intense color like red or black it doesnt stain ur nails. u dont have to use a base coat w/ every color or at all if u dont care about the staining.
    u also dont have to use 2 coats its more just 2 make the color more intense like darker or brighter and to fill in any spots u may have missed the first time around.
    and the top coat is to help ur polish not chip as soon but in the end it always will no matter what.
    u could buy that dry-fast spray which really isnt the good 4 u especially if u breathe it, fast-dry polish(which actually doesnt work all that great.) or a cheap little nail heater/dryer, or a mini-fan(like they have at the salon)
    hope this helped.

  6. Yazzypoop says:

    the base coat helpssss the middle coat settle
    thetop coat loks in the colourrrr

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