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What colour shoes can you wear with a red dress?


  1. violin_duchess86 says:

    Neutrals: Black, white, silver, gold, brown, and navy.
    The ‘pop’ colors: Yellow, Orange, royal blue, or green, although green might make you look a little Christmas-y.

  2. Baruch HaShem! says:

    Sliver! you could try gold too.

  3. Stephanieronnie says:

    in my opinion i think red dress with black shoes its very nice

  4. pjsparkles96 says:

    Black Pumps always look stunning with red.

  5. Your Asking Me? says:

    Silvery shoes would look nice….Or a pale very light brown/tan shoe. Red shoes would be pretty also.

  6. shazdeblitz says:

    I say Gunmetal…it will look gorgeous

  7. Jon1982s says:

    Pink would be a nice choice

  8. DeltaDawn says:

    It also depends on the type of dress you are wearing. I would go with a shiny black shoe, or silver, and maybe something strappy. I would also go with accessories to match the shoes…i.e. black shoes, black accessories, silver shoes, silver accessories.

    Hope that helps!

  9. ? says:

    I think white looks nice.

  10. cookie monster says:

    black shoes go with any red dress but you need black jewelery
    try these with this
    the 1st page top right
    but i advise you to not wear gold as it might look a bit tacky

  11. Mon says:

    the colour white usually goes with every colour, but it depends on what time of day it is like if ur going to a party at night which u should where something partyish to complement the dress like silver, gold or something like that (style gotta suit it too)
    or if it’s in the day time somtething bright and cheerful maybe a bright green o maybe even yellow

  12. sun r says:

    u can wear a steel colour(that is the silver oxidised colour) shoe with the red would have been better if i could see the photo of that dress.anyway, try this out.

  13. mythic.eagle says:

    I’d say silver or white. Nothing too dark with a red dress. Look for bright and simple. White/silver are great colors because white shoes will make ur dress look fabulous and silver because any pair of silver shoes and a dark colored dress look great!
    Hope i helped :)
    Luv, Mythic.Eagle

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