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how soon after getting a tattoo can you swim?


  1. John Nickle says:

    You NEED to wait until it is completely healed. Do not go in or tan any time before.
    I use Rocco’s Old School on my tattoos. All natural. Heals fast and healthy.

  2. julial719 says:

    Do not do any of those things – did you artist tell you absolutely nothing about aftercare?

    Do not submerge your tattoo for a MINIMUM of two weeks. Chlorine is especially bad for a healing tattoo; think of a tattoo as a scab. Ever seen a wet scab? It turns to mush. Don’t do it, period.

    Sun is bad for old tattoos – it’s terrible for new ones.

  3. marmaladeskies says:

    Tattoos should not be submerged in water or exposed to sunlight for extended amount of time for about 3-4 weeks. Since your tattoo is rather small I say a max of 2 weeks.
    After this you can swim as much as you want but remember to use sunblock to extend the life of your tattoo.

  4. beautifuly confused says:

    dont do any of those things at all..once all the scabs fall of your tattoo than you’ll be fine

  5. Kayla Kaspar says:

    You can tan but you need to keep it moist! each time it feels like its drying out put your lubricant over it. Obviously this is going to effect your tan line in that area, but its better than the color bleading out of your new tat. I wouldnt swim if I were you. You need to wait till it has had time to heal.

  6. I love you but Im not in love &l says:

    you cant go swimming for at least two weeks

    and you should not go tanning with a tattoo especially a new one, but a lot of people tattoo bandaids to cover the tattoo its a piece of sticky fabric that you can cut to fit your tattoo I’m not sure where you can get it at but my friend bought me a bunch so I could go tanning for her wedding cause apparently besides all the color from my tattoos i was as pale as a ghost haha.

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