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How do you keep curly hair from being flat on the top and puffy on the bottom?


  1. NaturallyCurly says:

    Get the right cut…. find a stylist in your area who specializes in curly hair and she will help you.

    Check here to find a curl specialist:

  2. Harmony M says:

    use an Anti-Frizz cream. maybe it will help!

  3. JustRock says:

    I use a diffuser all over then the regular blow dryer on high for the roots. I pull them up and blow dry.

  4. Bluebird says:

    the age old quest that is never quite finished. lol.

    i have the same hair and what works best ive found is definately using an anti frizz on the top as well as ends, but not a thick cream as this can weigh down the curls. use a spray or sheer liquid shine-repair instead. use a light-hold mousse instead of hairspray or wax, as there isnt much weight to it and you can use it all over your hair. top to bottom to define curls without the weight. if your hair is long, then that is why the top is flat, your curls are too heavy to give you volume. get a few layers put in. not too many coz your hair will stick out and frizz like MAD. tell the hairdresser to splice into your hair coz you want volume at the top. you can also use volume enhancing products, and slightly tease the under layers of your crown, keeping the top smooth.

    use a conditioner with coconut extracts, curls LOVE it. and make sure u only use your fingers or a very wide tooth comb to brush your hair gently with. and never vigorously towel dry your hair, it breaks yor hair and encourages frizz and puffiness. Instead, blot/squeeze dry your hair. wrap it in a towel while you do your makeup or something, then if you have to use a hairdryer the time the damaging heat is on your head will be halved at least.

    take care of your curls and they will thank you for it by behaving a bit more :-)

  5. AzulaBLueFire says:

    I don ‘t think not "de-frizzing" the top is bad becuase sometimes defrizzing gels can weigh your hair down. To give the top part of your hair more volume you could try blow drying and brushing your hair upward after you’ve washed it. You could also try using a flat iron and straightening only the top part upward. Sometimes putting all your hair in pony tail for about a half hour will give it some bounce and volume.

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