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How bad does it hurt to get a tramp stamp tattoo?


  1. |▒▒Kebert Xela▒▒| says:

    it hurts more than a kitten licking you
    but less than seeing this question asked for the 9 thousanth time

    hopefully that gives you an idea (because nobody can tell you how much something will hurt YOU)

    also…..and these are just opinions here
    but getting a tattoo on your 18th birthday just to get one is a terrible idea
    especially when you have this kind of question a week before…..AND you think lower back tattoos are cute

  2. Bridgette says:

    Why would you want a tramp stamp. They are so cliche!!!! Tattoos DO NOT hurt. I have nine of them and my husband has a full sleeve and many others you should consider getting a tattoo somewhere else. Tramp Stamps are so stupid sorry :(

  3. bob_berwanger says:

    It hurts your reputation pretty bad. They’re so 10 years ago. Don’t do it.

  4. blondebettie says:

    It didn’t hurt to bad on the lower back. I did get the chills alot because the vibrations from the tattoo gun made it feel like my spine was vibrating all the way up to my neck.

  5. Katy M says:

    My ‘tramp stamp’ hurt loads, but was tolerable. . .

    Don’t go with the whole ‘tramp stamp, slag tag ‘ whatever, i HATE that cliche!

    But yeah trust me, it hurts alot. But if you want a tattoo that much then you’ll go through with it. It worth the pain in the end :)

    Good Luck!

    EDIT – Thanks for your email :) more info hmm. . .
    The tattoo place will tell you to eat before you get your tattoo, this is really important to keep your blood sugars high so that you don’t faint.

    When your actually getting the tattoo done, take an ipod or mp3 with you, the sound of the machine makes you even more nervous

    Also, take a friend along or a stressball to squeeze when the pain gets bad. I was squeezing my hands together so much they went numb!

    Anything else you curious about?
    and happy birthday for next saturday! :)

  6. Ray <3 says:

    Tattoo pain chart ->
    Shows tramp stamp as being mild to moderate pain

  7. Due April 29th with a boy! says:

    if you WANT the tattoo and are sure about it, and its not something just to be hip GO for it. i dont have one in my middle lower back, its more on the side of my lower back, and it hurt, but not unbearably so. i don’t think tramp stamps are tacky as long as they mean something and dont say like " *censored*" or "lick me" or something stupid. so if thats what u want go for it. tattoos are a personal thing, and me, i can NOT take pain well at all, i cry for shots, and i have 8 tattoos so really, its not so bad, and once its over it doesnt hurt, they are just sore for a little while. good luck and happy birthday!

  8. Skittles says:

    Calling it a tramp stamp shows how much you respect your body.
    I don’t think you should be allowed to get one if you’re going to go about it like that.
    Pain tolerance is different for everyone; nobody can tell you how bad it hurts because it could feel like a tickle or it could be a horrible searing pain that you just can’t stand.
    Think about what you’re getting, will you regret it a few months later? A year? Ten years? It’s going to be in your skin permanently–so think hard.

  9. bambi says:

    Honestly? Nobody can tell you how you will react to a tattoo. Pain is a very relative term and nothing else feels like a tattoo. Some people equate it to a cat scratch, some a burning *censored*. Some will laugh, some will cry, some claim they don’t feel it. I recently got a piece done on my leg and listening to what others had to say was the worst thing I could have done for myself, as they were all over the spectrum and I ended up feeling more nervous than I should have felt.

    I can tell you MY experience, which varied. At times it actually felt kind of good, whereas other times I would be in pain. The artist told me that the outlining was the worst part, but I found that the shading was the worst! It is different for everybody!

    All in all though, it is well worth the discomfort. Just don’t do something too drastic on your first time.

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