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How bad does getting a tattoo on your upper back hurt?


  1. Ashley*Belle says:

    getting a tattoo is going to hurt no matter where you get it. I have 3 tattoos, one on the back of my neck, one on my side, and one on my lower back. The neck tattoo was very painful, so I’d imagine that it would hurt on the upper back. I really wouldn’t worry about it if i were you though. The finished product is well worth the pain. It will feel like a bee sting for a little while till it goes numb, then for the next few days it will feel like a bad sunburn and will start to itch. It should be healed after a week. I do know though that inmost states you have to be 16 to get a tattoo, even with a parents consent.

  2. NikNak says:

    Too be honest, it depends on your personal pain threshold! How much can you take? I’m a bit of a wuss, but I was seriously suprised at how little it hurt. I won’t lie though, it does ache a little, especially across your upper back! Go for it, your parents sound cool, and obviously respect your individuality!

  3. snowcow521 says:

    it hurts like heck

  4. rua_88 says:

    sorry to hear about your lose

    i have one on my left shouler balde it really does not hurt that much .. it hurts most right on the bone…everyones pain tolerence is different … on a scale 1-10 mine was only a 3… then 5 on bone… it is more of an annoying pain then anything.. and i have heard it hurts more closer to spine

    hope that helps… and im suprised your parents are letting you get a tattoo so young

  5. cat says:

    as the proud owner of 10 tatoos, i can assure that they aren’t that bad. lower back is the worst. if your’e planning on getting it in the middle of your back be prepared, it will hurt, but usually after awhile you stop feeling it and just feel pressure. your body creates endorphins to combat the pain. be sure that the person doing your tatoo is clean amd professional. aftercare is also very important, so pay close attention to the artists instruction. good luck!

  6. Shady man says:

    It’s not going to hurt as bad now as it is latter when you come to your senses and realize it is forever, tattoos are taboo!
    You are only 14 at that age you are not SMART enough to make this decision.

  7. d4dave says:

    If you REALLY want to know, go to your chosen tattoo artist and explain you wish to know how much it will hurt. Any tat artist worth his/her salt will be happy to use an inkless needle set and "buzz" you for 5 seconds to show you what it feels like. Now keep in mind, he/she has to open a brand new sealed set of needles to do this to keep everything sterile and clean so they may have to charge you a small amount of money to cover their cost. That is only fair. If they feel confident that you will return to them for your actual tattoo they may defer the cost of the needles.
    As for my own opinion. Does it hurt as much as stubbing your toe on the couch leg. No. Does it hurt as much as a sunburn. Yes.
    Oh yeah, and congrats on getting a tat that "means" something ! Too many mindless, meaningless tats chosen from a book because they "look cool" today out there. One word about your choice of location. AFTER I got my tat I discovered that I REALLY wished I could "see" it with my own eyes, not always in a mirror. A small thing perhaps, but something that sort of bugs me. It is, after all, ART on my own body and it would be nice to admire it with my own eyes.
    A GOOD tattoo artist will have a list of after care things to do and not do for you tattoo as well. They may even have some after care products. Listen to what they say and DO what they ask and you will be VERY happy with the end results. When you walk into the tattoo parlour you should get a feeling of "wow, is it ever clean in here !". If you do not, keep looking for another tat artist.
    One thing that is a pet peeve of my tat artist is " If the sun can fade the paint on a car, why wouldn’t it be able to fade your tattoo? " Take care of your tat, use sun screen on it when you go into the sun.
    Finally, you obviously have the internet. Use it to find info on tattoo’s. There is literally a whole world of info out there.
    Oh yeah, and like Ashley Belle says, my tat artist refuses to tattoo anyone under the age of 18 regardless of parental permission so you may encounter difficulty there. His choice regardless of the law.

  8. Mollyblue says:

    OK… you’re parnets may be cool and all… BUT you are still a little too young to get a tattoo. I would seriously suggest waiting on it and not running to the tattoo shop around the block from your house. Depending on where you live you may not have a well known artist that is good and reputable near you. I think you should go into a few shops and feel them out, some shops won’t even tattoo you if your not of age (even with parental consent). A tattoo is permanent and costs more to have it removed than it does to have it put on you. If you get a piercing you need parental consent but if you don’t like it anymore you can easily just take it out.

    So my advice is go to a few places with Dad or Mom and see what places will do it for you and then ask them to draw something up for you. They will charge you a fee for it, but what one artist offers you may not be as good as the next artist has. Some may have a better color sense and passion for what you’re getting so I would take time and do some research – so that means don’t get one from the first place you go to.

    Oh and it hurts… all tattoo’s hurt anywhere you put them, but it depends on how much pain you can handle. Its like a burning *censored* that starts and stops and the bigger the piece the longer the burn. You may have to go back for more than 1 session if its big with a lot of color and shading – its usually 1 visit for the outline and shading, and 1 visit for the color. I’m not good with pain but I’ve had my arms done and I usually go in 2 visits because I can’t sit in pain for very long.

  9. mabelyn c says:

    They say it hurts a lot! i have one one my neck pretty close to the upper neck , but the back they say it hurts… i want one too! well another one! on emy arm!i got one recently on behind my neck on tuesday it was aright! it didnt hurt as much as i thought it would! i took the pain which wsa little! they also say it hurts depending on the size too! but you are young! hmmm, well the tattoo your getting is pretty good your gramma name! see dont make a mistake in getting you gurls name iight! he heTake a look at this! pple say these are the scales of pain!
    18% Genitalia
    13% Ankles
    10% Lower Back
    9% *censored*
    7% Lower Legs
    5% Chest
    5% Ribs (Sides)
    5% Upper Legs
    5% Hands
    5% Face
    4% Forearms
    3% Upper Arms
    3% Wrists
    3% Upper Back
    3% Rear End
    2% Stomach

  10. Mandy! says:

    Hi, i have just got my first tattoo on saturday on my upper back and it really isnt as bad as you think! It’s an uncomfortable feeling but it’s bearable! I was really suprized as i thought it would really hurt but don’t worry it isnt that bad! I love mine :-) n i’m so glad i got it! You will be fine, good luck x

  11. bucaneers8 says:

    Depends on your pain tolerance truthfully. I have a large piece on my upper back and on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the most painful it was about a 8. If it did not hurt everyone would have a tattoo and thats what makes it great. Plus you have a meaning for it. If it is something you want to remember someone by i would want it to be some place more visisble.

  12. Anthony L says:

    Now of course it all depends on your personal pain threshold, but I could give you a general idea. The most painful part is in between your shoulder blades in my opinion. The rest of the back does hurt a little but not as much as that one area in between your shoulder blades. You can usually feel your teeth rattling while you get it.

    There are different types of machines artists’ will use though that can make the pain more tolerable. Typically, an artist will use an electric gun to tattoo your body. I relate this to piercers using a piercing gun. It hurts allot more this way. They have pneumatic guns that are operated by an air compressor which makes the lines way finer and the level of pain is decreased substantially. I have had most of the artwork on my arm with this method and it feels so much better compared to an electric gun.

  13. LSU_Tiger23 says:

    I have one on my upper back, and i personal think it hurt pretty bad. I also have one on my *censored*, which most people find extremely painful, but it didn’t hurt all that much for me.

    I think the one on my back hurt more because it was my first one. I was pretty nervous, so I was probably tensing up. But with both of my tattoos, they hurt at first, but it doesn’t get more and more painful. If you can get through the first few minutes, then the pain doesn’t get much worse after that. It’s almost relaxing.

  14. Sorika says:

    its not bad till the needles move over the spin then it stings a little but not bad enough to be killer…

  15. Elennie P says:

    I will tell you the truth .Getting a tattoo doesn’t hurt if the tattoo artist knows his job and love it and is not only doing it for the money.I got one on my lower back way down to my bottom. I am not going to complain about your parent just want to remind you that getting a tattoo is a decision you should think of allot its not a henna and it wont go away if you scrub it.Permanently marking your body is not a decision you should make at 14 even if it is in memory of your grandmother(sorry).Anyway if your all set for it you’ll probably have to go with your mother because (at least here in Greece)no tattoo artist will do it unless your over the age of 18. Which i strongly recommend.Good luck with your choice.

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