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Why is it popular to paint your ring finger a different color from the rest of your nails?


  1. Eric Pato says:

    To make that finger stand out cause they want to get married.
    Actually I´m just guessing.

  2. Serena Hi says:

    I hav noticed that too, it looks stupid :)

  3. Stefan Dragic says:

    I’d stay away from it, looks more tacky than anything else.

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  4. Tahreer Falasteen says:

    Some lead (for their own reasons)
    some follow (to fit in).

  5. sunshiney says:

    Yeah I’ve seen that a lot too &personally it looks dumb -______- like are you really that retarded?!

  6. Sur La Mer says:

    Why is that popular? I started doing that in 1989.

    Then last month, I painted every other with silver and the rest lavender (two different shades from two different nail polish brand).

    That’s what being trendy is all about.

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