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Why do some girls paint their ring finger a different color?


  1. Brett says:

    Those girls are sluts. They want to draw your attention to the ring finger so you know theyre single. So get off yahoo! answers and go get laid.

    1. Layla says:

      Good job Brett, you just showed up how idiotic *censored* really are. So…if we females draw any attention to ourselves, we’re sluts? I wonder how fat and ugly you are.

  2. Channing says:

    I think that it’s just a trend, but most of the people I’ve seen that paint their nails like that are MARRIED. (That’s directed towards you, “Brett”)

  3. Leslie says:

    well it’s a little bit of both it started as a way to show that you were single and that you were either proud of it or wanted to change it when people found this out it became really popular and hence became a trend and no just because people sometimes draw attention to themselves does not mean that they’re slutty so get your facts right or don’t speak at all you just embarrass yourself

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