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What is the meaning behind Shamballa bracelets?


  1. Bull says:

    Behind the design of the unique fine jewelry lies a spiritual philosophy, inspired by ancient traditions of Buddhism.

  2. Bull says:

    If it is a real shamballa bracelet it should have these symbols and I will explain them. The philosophy is incorporated in each of the designs through ancient Buddhist and Tibetan symbols – for example our thunderbolt which is said to symbolize enlightenment, the Kartika dragon which is said to symbolize the severance of all material and worldly bonds – or the signature double thunderbolt, the Star of Shamballa, which is a reminder to each and every one of us that we are unique just like the stars in the sky. Just like a star the human being can emanate light and heat. This way, a deeper meaning connected to the main philosophy is to be found in each of the pieces.

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