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what is the difference between a clear retainer and a metal retainer?


  1. beachgurl4u90 says:

    uuhhh duh, one is clear, the other is metal

  2. fashionably-awesome says:

    The clear one you can barely see and the metal one is made of metal

  3. MollyMcbutter says:

    the transparent retainers are an actual mold of your teeth..just slips right on, i actually prefered that over a metal retainer when i was younger.

  4. omni says:

    one is more expensive than the other.

  5. imateacher says:

    Clear retainers look like Invisalign trays. The metal ones are plastic molds of the roof of your mouth with wires connected that hold your teeth in place.

  6. Lodeca says:

    The clear ones go ontop of your teeth (kind of like invisaline braces) they detect earlier when your teeth are shifting a little bit because they don’t fit properly, and they hurt like anything!

    The metal ones are just a wire around your teeth and your teeth can shift more easily in them.

    I suggest getting the clear ones, you want your teeth to stay straight longer!

  7. apple :D says:

    the metal ones get food under them more easily.
    the plastic ones are less visible, but your teeth then look strangely covered in shiny goo.

    despite the hideousness of both options, i would go for the plastic one. haha

    x apple.

  8. ♥Cassy G♥ says:

    ones clear and ones metal….
    clears better, you can barely see it

  9. Olivia♥ says:

    Most people get clear 1s so that others cant notice them as much but to be honest i would just get the metal 1s as the clear 1s are alot more expensive and you can actually still see them!

    1. Derp says:

      it really depends on your teeth. if your have really strong teeth like i have you will want a metal one. it is also more durable and does break as easily as the plastic one.

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