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What is the best skin care cream for fine lines, crows *censored*, and dark spots.?


  1. Mukunda M says:

    Do an Answers search and you will see many have tried countless products and all report they did nothing to diminish or prevent lines,crow’s *censored* or get rid of dark spots
    There is an epidemic of under eye bags and circles, lines, wrinkles and many are reported by those in teens or early twenties. The main reason is reaction to skin sickening toxins in skin care, cosmetic and skin medicating products. Many teenage girls use 20 or more products daily and an alarming number of products contain skin(and health) harming toxins. See this site Skin Deep Cosmetic Database. A Feelgood Resource. The Database tested many thousands of products and identifies which ones are the most harming and those which are non or only minimally harming. So first thing to do is select the none harming or least harming products.

    Then try these safe, natural, tried and tasted treatments that quickly and permanently get rid of circles and under eye lines. They really work and have helped many on Answers

    This is a response I received from wannabeblue28:
    “Hi Mukunda M. I have just been rubbing my face with oil using my fingers and hands and It has made a HUGE difference in my complexion after just one night. …… My skin looks so much tighter everywhere and i no longer have bags under my eyes! Thank you so much for your post, I have been suffering with acne and under-eye circles since i was young.”

    She had seen an answer I gave about how vigorous face massaging with pure natural oils had permanently rid my face of acne AND removed my bags/circles. Massage greatly tightens skin under and around the eye area and the bags go away. Find Answer with a search "Mukunda M vigorous massage to remove eye bags/circles"

    The most helpful ones are:
    (Using both hands together) massage with palms and front of fingers held together
    (1) Do long up and down sweeps close to nose from chin area up to near eyes.
    (2) Do another up and back at an angle from chin point to cheek bone.
    (3) Do fast up and down massage close to eye from cheek bones at an angle of 45 degrees (on your crows *censored*).
    Best if do for several minutes daily – will markedly tighten skin in eye area and diminish the circles in the first two or three days. Use any oil. Olive is good.
    IMPORTANT: To avoid skin pulling first make facial skin taught by partially opening mouth and pulling lips firmly back against teeth (tightens most of face)

    Use any natural oil. Extra *censored* olive oil works well for many.
    Additionally facial yoga exercises help a great deal. Find on You Tube. Do the “The lion face” and try to hold for 30 seconds. A variation of that is protruding the tongue as if trying to touch tip of nose with tip of tongue.

    YOGA MEDITATION is a great help and is easy to do. It enables you to completely relax and gives you deep, restful sleep. 6 or 7 hours of restful sleep is considerably more beneficial than 8 or 9 more hours of non restful sleep. I found Siddha Yoga meditation was the most beneficial.

    SOURCE(S): Consultant with many years research into safe, natural cures/treatments – skin conditions, skin enhancement, anti aging and rejuvenation treatment

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  3. Nayi M says:

    Lacey, I use these two products:
    first off I start with a mild facial cleanser like Olay foaming. For the eye area I use Extreme Eye Rescue by Isabella Pelle. For the rest of the face I use Preve anti aging also by Isabella Pelle. I apply both twice daily, in the morning after washing my face and at night after I shower. Hope this helps.

  4. abraven says:

    Anything that hydrates your skin will puff it up and make the lines less noticeable, so there are two really super cheap things you can do.

    Drink plenty and cut down on salt intake.

    E45 cream applied morning and night is much more absorbed by skin than many of the more expensive brands.

    As for the dark cirles…
    The colouring around your eyes is dependent on so many things and can sometimes indicate undiagnosed illnesses, the usual causes are allergies, tiredness, or it may just be heredity. You can reduce the appearance of dark circles but you may not be able to get rid of it completely.

    The main cause is a vitamin deficiency of some kind. The fact that your body absorbs vitamins form your daily diet while you sleep will tell you why it’s important to establish a good sleep pattern for any health concern. But if you do not have a healthy diet, no amount of sleep will do the job.

    Get plenty of "good sleep" – its the quality not the quantity that matters
    Get a good diet and ensure you have good digestion
    Give up smoking.
    Do you suffer with allergies? If so get medical advice for the best treatments which will help.
    Drink plenty of Water
    Reduce your salt intake
    Moisturise (you can get tinted moisturisers, which aren’t make up and may help conceal them)

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