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How many sessions in a tanning bed does it take to get tan?


  1. Tiffany D says:

    I use to work at a tanning salon and am a certified tanner. you should tan two weeks in advance for whatever event your getting ready for. On the first day exfoliate and wash your skin before you go tan. When tanning the first day also make sure you only do 1/3 the max. time on the tanning bed. You can always go the next day and increase your time but if you are in the tanning bed to long your first day you could get VERY burned and not be able to come back and tan for a week. So first day 1/3 the max time of the bed, then come the second day and increase by two minutes. You want to work yourself up to a dark tan. This should take two weeks. Just don’t rush, being burned is the last thing you want. When your done with tanning stay moisturized and drink lots of water, that way your tan will look nice and last longer. Some people make the mistake of putting outdoor tanning lotion on while they are indoor tanning, don’t do that, there are special tanning lotions for indoors, Otherwise you’ll prevent yourself from getting a tan. When choosing an indoor tanning lotion use something that is very soft and doesn’t feel oily, I noticed with indoor tanning lotions what you pay for is what you get, so try to splurge a little and get yourself a good lotion. Also, Nuetrogena has a good spray tan you can buy at Rite Aid or CVS, I use that if I need a fast tan that night and it looks natural.

  2. Brian H says:

    It depends on how many times you have to turn over!

  3. iluvpuppies_48 says:

    Don’t do it at all. Tanning beds can give you skin cancer. Plus that’s a good way to have sun-damaged skin later. Besides, it doesn’t look very natural.

    If you don’t believe me, look here.

  4. charliescarolinaangel says:

    I have fair skin so I start out every 2 days for the first week and only 10 mins.. then the next week every day10 mins or skip aday if i start to burn.. then when i can finally stand 20 minutes I got every single day I can afford to go.. It takes me about 3 weeks.. but I dont ever get but so dark.. not even as dark as some of the ladies on the posters.

  5. says:

    this one depends on how fast you tan outside and please don’t use the beds for long periods of time in one setting it’s not good for the body,but the salon that you go to should be proffesional enough to tell what you should use and for the period you should be in the beds,and you should go in a bed when it’s already been on rather than going to one that has not been warmed up,you will see better results from a warmed up bed .if this helps i’m glad.

  6. Jess B says:

    it depends on a lot of things. Most tanning beds are about the same. The only difference really is how often they change the bulbs. Newer bulbs will tan you faster and may also burn you faster. For an average, it will probably take at least 2 months to get a tan if you only go one week. The best thing to do would be to go every other day. Try not to go every day because it is harder for your body to recover and not reccomended. The best stuff to use to get a good tan is whatever they sell in the salon. If you don’t want to buy that, sometimes you can find it on the internet or in stores. I am cheap so I used a kind called Ocean Potion that was like 4.00 at walmart and it worked well. It also smells really good. Another thing, don’t go for more than 20 minutes at a time or you will burn. Chance are in a tanning bed you won’t turn orange. Most of the time that happens when you use fake tanning lotion. Hope this helps! Below is the website for ocean potion. I think it is something you can by most anywhere.

  7. badgirlinblack85 says:

    I dunno, but I know that it takes just one session to get melanoma. Use a spray tanner and save your skin.

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