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How Big is a girl thats 5Ft 5 inches tall and wears size 16-18 jeans?


  1. GSqueeze says:

    She is probably about as wide as she is tall if that helps.

  2. 143hubby♥ says:

    you know raven simone?? have you seen her lately? well thats the best way to describe her size.

  3. starbrite says:

    That’s kind of big, 5’5 isn’t that tall, so she’s probably overweight to some extent.

  4. ali says:

    I’m guessing maybe 220ish

  5. I'm Better Than You 2 says:

    that means she’s pretty wide and pretty short…

  6. peace_love_0784 says:

    Probably about this size also depending where and how she carries her weight obviously…my ma is 5’4 and size 16 and shes alot bigger then the girl in this picture…she has bigger legs…so it just depends where people carry weight…but probably not smaller then the girl in the picture…

    oh ya and my ma is exactly 200 pounds…so its like 195-205 basically dead on.

  7. Elle says:

    Approximately 200-220 lbs.

  8. daxs_baby says:

    16-18 jeans isnt huge like there saying, 20-22 is. my mom is like a 16-18 and shes like 180-200 so id go with that.

  9. BlondeQT says:

    eh, before I lost wieght I was a size 15 and that height I was HUGE…So I can tell you for fact that size 18 is pretty large…She probably well over 200 lbs. Close to 250 even. But if you like her…whatever, her size shouldnt matter…right? ;)

  10. Nickelle // stuck on stupid says:

    That’s pretty wide.
    I’m only two inches shorter than her, and I wear a size 4.
    Think like Raven Symone or Nikki Blonsky.

  11. Mish says:

    Short and stout.

  12. ny4life says:

    i will say 190-220

  13. ~pink~ says:

    big enough..i’m 5ft7inches and wear a 7/8

  14. Fred S - AM Cappo Di Tutti Capi says:

    That very big. Fat. Beyond "curvy" or "pleasantly plump." She WISHES she looks like Raven. I gotta figure close maybe 200 pounds.

  15. CindyLou says:


    lets put it this way, socaily acceptable weight 0-4 (a 6 is pushing it). heathly weight is 4-8….maybe a 10.

    after that is just too big.

  16. : ) says:

    Typically a 36-38 inch waist if you mean US sizes. I’d guess weightwise 190lb-210lb for 5ft5 if she is average in build and not muscular.

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